Our Products

Uruguay's finest beef and lamb

Tacuarembó has an extensive range of the finest Uruguay beef and lamb products.

Our beef and lamb is healthy and lean, resulting in a tender eating experience and providing a unique ‘power pack’ of nutrients important to optimal health. Processed with skill and care, our products meet the highest international standards.

We’re also pioneering innovative healthcare solutions that are being used worldwide to improve and save lives.

All our items are expertly packaged and delivered chilled or frozen to our customers across the globe.

Ethical, healthy, delicious.

Uruguay Beef

We pride ourselves on producing quality beef with exceptional taste, texture and quality, providing essential nutrients for your health and wellbeing. When you pick Tacuarembó Beef you pick the best Uruguay has to offer.

Uruguay Lamb

Uruguay has the perfect conditions for producing quality, nutritious lamb: lush green countryside, a temperate climate and fresh southern air, combining to create the best lamb in the world.

Developed with skill and care

We’re a passionate bunch, proud to deliver quality beef and lamb products that enhances the wellbeing of our customers globally.


We work with healthcare partners to deliver bespoke, customised solutions made from beef and lamb that are being used around the globe to improve and save lives.

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